Using advanced laser technology, the Ellipse SWT™/Laser system is the perfect solution for unwanted body hair, as well as leg veins, lesions, birth marks, skin rejuvenation, anti-aging and wrinkle reduction. Ellipse are a very successful and long established manufacturer of multi-purpose IPL laser equipment, and offer a tried and tested solution for a variety of beauty and skin care treatments.


IPL for hair removal

Shaving and waxing not only takes up precious hours every month, but is a lifetime financial commitment too! You can save both, by opting for Laser Hair Removal - it offers a convenient alternative to shaving and waxing, as well as treating those annoying ingrown hairs too, leaving you free to enjoy smooth, hairless skin year round.

Unlike waxing, IPL is virtually painless and can be used to treat the face and body, and our Ellipse Laser is one of the most effective and safest hair removal systems on the market today. Using an intense pulse light technology, the system “zaps” the hair in the follicle, literally attacking the root of the problem. The light energy emitted by the SWT™/Laser reacts with the melanin in the hair and is converted to thermal energy. This permanently cauterizes the vessels at the base of the follicle, preventing hair growth and achieving permanent hair removal for that hair.  
We can treat a wide range of hair colours and skin tones, and will carry out a full assessment of both to ensure your treatment is successful. 


Factional Laser Skin Resurfacing

Frax 1550 is a non-ablative fractional laser that is effective for skin resurfacing, Acne Scarring, Stretch Marks and Surgical Scars. It has very few side effects and less downtime than ablative lasers.
Prices from £200 per session
We recommend a course of 6-8 sessions initially and a couple of top up treatments per year thereafter can be taken if required. 

Rosacea and Vein Treatment

Our  Laser machines also offer treatments for skin rejuvenation, thread veins, wrinkle reduction and leg veins.  Pulsar IPL offers the perfect solution to broken veins and rosacea. The light is absorbed into the targeted blood vessels causing them to coagulate and break down. This clinically proven method shows results after a few sessions.
We recommend a course of 6-8 sessions initially and a couple of top up treatments per year thereafter can be taken if required. 

Full of confidence,
looking great and
feeling fantastic!


Photo Rejuvenation

This non-invasive advanced beauty treatment is effective in removing sun damage (pigmentation), stimulating new cell growth and increasing collagen production. A fantastic way to revive the skin leaving the complexion revitalised and glowing even after one session.
Prices from £50
A patch test is recommended prior to all IPL treatments.
Cost £25, redeemable against first full treatment. 

Fungal Toenails/Warts/Verrucas

Prices from £150 per session


We recommend that a high-factor sun block is be applied to the treated area, for at least 3 months after your treatment. 


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What Our Clients Say

I began seeing Louise at the Aesthetic Room a few years ago. On my first visit she was very patient with me as I asked so many questions, as I was so nervous. I now attend at Louise’s clinic every 5/6 months for Botox - I love the results!

After years of going to the gym and improving my body, I still had these stubborn areas which just would not shrink. I have had Coolsculpting on my stomach, and for want of a better word, my love handles! Fantastic results and worth every penny. I can’t believe how good the results have been and two years on, still are. Clothes fit so much better now and I am much more body confident.

The service Louise provides is discreet, professional and efficient. She is meticulous about the advice she gives, the treatment and the aftercare. I would have no hesitation in recommending her (and have done) to friends and family.
Mrs O, Aberdeen
Mrs O, Aberdeen
From taking the first step to attend the consultation i knew immediately that this was for me and the results have exceeded my expections and given me renewed motivation and self confidence - worth every penny.
Mr W, Aberdeen
Mr W, Aberdeen
I have been going to the Aesthetic Room for four years, I wouldn’t use anywhere else! I want to keep a fresh look without it being obvious which Louise manages discreetly and professionally.

Having recently tried Volift, I am very impressed with the results, Louise offers advice on treatments with out any pressure, I find this a refreshing approach compared to other places I have used in the past.
Miss R, Aberdeen
Miss R, Aberdeen